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Friday, April 28, 2006

Quiz we must

I must point out that I will be quizzing on Sunday morning at a place which probably looks nothing like the photo on the left. Actually, I will be QM-ing. Hope to see one and all.

Quiz format: General Quiz. 2 member teams
Prelims: If necessary
Questions: Workable and fun (hopefully)
Warning: My quizzes are known for their excessive focus on popular culture. I will try my best to stop any excesses.
Venue: Food court (far-right corner!), InOrbit Mall, Malad
Starting Time: 10:30 am

AD has put up a map here (he's also looking for a partner). I will be wearing a kurta. Rest all is dependent on entropy.


Blogger J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Perhaps you could now post the quiz questions? And post about the quiz?

Nice post about the Lok Paritrana fuzzies. Vague platitudes after the age of 17 are very irritating.


Sunday, April 30, 2006 7:21:00 PM


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