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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Indigo Deli

This is long overdue.

Four of us had gone to Indigo Deli for lunch one Friday about two months back. The other three didn't have much to do, while I had to rush for a meeting after lunch. All of us were famished. Hence, we wanted a quick lunch.

Hence, we decided to skip over the starters and plunge into the main course (and fruit juices). I ordered a sandwich with pork sausage (forgot the fancy name that it had). P and A ordered similar dishes, though U decided to help himself to a fish fillet in lemon butter. Indigo Deli has a fairly large selection of side-dishes too. I ordered two fried eggs (slightly runny) while P wanted the grilled mushrooms.

Then we waited. Juices and drinks came quite in time. My green apple fizz was amazing - just the right amount of sour to go with the apple. The other drinks were quite competent too. Then we waited some more.

And waited for some more time. We talked about Bangalore and Cornerhouse to pass time. Bad idea - it is difficult to maintain composure on a hungry stomach, if all you are thinking of is Death by Chocolate and Rocky Road ice-cream with apple pie. But our wait was never-ending.

Thirty-five minutes had passed since our order and yet, there was no sign of food on our table. We had finished two bottles of mineral water and half a bottle of tabasco sauce. We had asked, pleaded, frowned and demanded our lunch.

We could see that the place was busy, but you wouldn't expect any different on a Friday afternoon. There was nothing else to do, but go up to the manager. Which U did. He offered our usual suggestion - "please bring whatever is ready, no need to wait for everything to get done.", with a dose of righteous indignation.

It worked. Forty-two minutes after the orders were placed, twenty-seven minutes after the drinks were finished and three minutes after U delivered the suggestion, we had food on our tables.

The main course was good (though it's difficult to go wrong with pork sausages). The side-orders were excellent. Especially the grilled mushrooms, served with a hint of red wine. My eggs were runny and went well with sausages. U's fish fillet was quite good also (though I would choose my sandwich over it).

The food was good, though not worth waiting three-quarters of an hour for.

However, the best of Indigo Deli was yet to come.

When we asked for our cheque, the restaurant actually brought a plate with a slice of cake for us. With 'Sorry' written with chocolate sauce. The folks actually came to us and explained why the delay occurred (some problem with both the ovens). I was sold. And the cake was sumptuous.

If a place can do this for disgruntled customers, it surely does deserve repeat visits. And positive word of mouth.


Anonymous Hotelier in the South Pacific said...

Very nice idea - the sorry bit. I've tried everything from bribing with wine to shopping vouchers to free rooms in my 8 year old career but have never come accross such honest yet simple creativity.

You write well by the way. Very impressed with your bit on Bongs.

Saturday, June 10, 2006 1:04:00 AM

Blogger Kapil said...

Indigo Deli was indeed a pleasurable place to dine at. My thoughts

Sunday, December 24, 2006 2:52:00 AM


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