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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

7 kilos of bowling agility

In the year 1999, Bruce Lee was getting fat in heaven. Having met Elvis in heaven had done lots for his appetite but relatively little for the shape of his body.

Elvis and Bruce had met over the great Ed Parker. However, while Lee was an epitome of lean muscle when he knew Parker, ramrod straight like a baseball bat, now he was more bowling pin than bat. Plus, he was losing hope of becoming really slim again.

That is when the idea came to him. If his strength now was bowling, why not try India? Only a matter of a few kilos. Bowling will take care of it.

He came to India, dressed up in red pair of sunglasses and gold chain. Hours spent in tanning salon had given him a graphite glow. He met this man who told him that bowling had nothing to do with weight. It was all about agility.

So when Elvis wrote to him in 2006 and enquired about his weight loss, Bruce replied, "I try and improve my agility. If I try to shed 7 kilos or so, I would lose my strength which is my bowling."


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