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Monday, September 25, 2006


I discovered a new religion today. Like all religions, it mystifies and obfuscates material in such a manner that it can only preach to the converted or to the desperate and helpless. Like all religions, they offer hope and salvation. They offer riches, fame and the easy way out. Like all religions, I could have ended up dead while laughing at the myths conjured up by simple minds in these. If only I could stop being so appalled.

Perhaps most strikingly, like all religions, this one tells stories in the Aristotleian plot - Situation, Complication, Resolution.

Situation: I am a model. I injured my finger and my back.
Complication: Because I couldn't lift weights, I was gaining weight. Thus, I was losing out on work and was feeling quite low as well.
Resolution: Then I used the Velform sauna belt. You can lose weight without putting any strain on the back or for that matter, your finger. I soon got work and also my self-confidence back.
1) Sweats away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, and ease muscle pain while sitting in your own home.
2) Focuses sauna heat on the most problematic body parts to help flush out and eliminate toxins.
3) Suitable for abdomen waist, back and hip.
4) Improves metabolism
Situation: I am a businessman. I have an imports-export business which has turnover of crores of rupees
Complication: Last year one of my orders got rejected. It was a huge order and the loss I suffered was crippling. I developed ulcers.
Resolution: Then I received the Ekmukhi Rudraksha Kaju-shaped. I immediately started feeling energetic. The ulcers went away. This year, my business has doubled in size.
Although extremely rare, a genuine Ek-Mukhi Rudraksha is the most auspicious and powerful spiritual product you can ever possess. Blessed with the divine powers of Lord Rudra (Shiva) and Goddess Lakshmi, this miracle bead would bring you power, glory and wealth; boost your confidence and ensure spiritual enrichment. Since one mukhi represents the Surya or the Sun, it is capable of countering the star’s negative effects. It also cures diseases of the head, ear, right eye, bones & bowel, as well as chronic asthma and TB.
The religion I am talking about is one of morning shopping on TV. And for the first time, a religion is suitable for 'abdomen waist, back and hip'.


Anonymous Mallik said...

Not even one comment for this nice post. Its really good. All the best.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006 9:59:00 PM

Blogger Anamika Anyone said...

Those things are fun to watch and mock if you've got nothing else to do..And the ads go on for half an hour...I still can't believe people buy all that stuff..

Saturday, September 30, 2006 6:10:00 AM


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