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Monday, July 24, 2006

Do you dig?

"Does to dig mean 'to like', 'to understand' or 'to appreciate'?"
"Well, you know music. It's like the quarter-note in music. You know... the note between C and C-sharp, with its own identity. Its own sound. Because you can't call it C or C-sharp....Dig is like that. Dig means dig."
"....You mean that dig not only means that I understand, but that I am a special sort of person who understands in his own special way."
"Yeah, exactly. I dig."

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Anonymous Mowgli said...

Macha, don't randomly glamourise urban slang .. 'I dig pizzas' means I like Pizzas means I prefer pizzas .. doesn't mean anything more than that and definitely doesn't mean that inexpressible quality of being between C and C# .. or the inexpressible expression of delight which adorns a tiny tam brahm's face when he looks at a white gooey mass (thayir sadam)

If anything, it hints at having a poor vocab when one can't distinguish between like,love,adore,'am fanatical about' .. and hence just say 'dig' for everything one feels positive abt

Monday, July 24, 2006 11:32:00 PM


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