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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tinsel dreams

My favorite newspaper tells me that a foreign trip made by the Deputy CM will lead to immense development in Bihar.

One of the greatest gifts he got from Italy, UK and Canada is "Special lectures and seminars at various institutes to apprise the students of the latest technology in various fields including medicine and engineering", by NRB doctors and other professionals. Now, engineering and medical students in Bihar will move from knife's edge (whether wielded by them or not*) and towards the cutting edge of knowledge.

However, that, and other empty promises, were not all. Borrowing a page from New Zealand and Lord of the Rings, the DCM's also got Sergio Scapagnini** to make a movie in Bihar. Reminds of a quote (about Hollywood) which I heard in a quiz earlier, "If you remove the fake tinsel, you will get the real tinsel".

Definitely looks like Bihar is making movies, if not moves.

* We are not talking scalpels here.
** Same man who produced Sonali Kulkarni's Italian flick.


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