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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Trishul, Aradhana, Hero, Lucky, Sarfarosh etc.

Update: Not many realised that I am writing about Fanaa. As a friend said, " If you gave a link (to Fanaa), it would help, for most people probably slept through most of it like you did". True!

I saw at least five movies one after the another, for the price of one on Thursday night. Should have been a fantastic experience - a marathon of movies. Instead, because I was tired (end of the week), I slept through some parts of the movies. In fact, I feel hardpressed to come up with more than one or two scenes of the movies I saw.

Actually, now that I think back, it seems like it might have been one movie. Not sure.

First, I saw the song, Gapuchi Gapuchi Gam Gam from Trishul. The young lovers were celebrating new love in Delhi. However, I didn't like the movie a lot and thus, changed to Rajesh Khanna started singing songs. He shook his shoulder up and down and lilt-ed away to glory. These late-60s early-70s movies just make me sit up and notice. Those bangs over the forehead, those floral shirts. So ugly that it's not even funny (beyond the 'so ugly that it's funny' phase).

The song was captivating, but the movie soon turned boring. So, I changed to Hero - Love Story of a Spy. Sunny Deol was beating up an army, in the forests of Kashmir. It looked suspiciously like Switzerland or some other European country, and Sunny was riding a snowmobile. It was engrossing yet believable stuff. In fact, whenever Sunny doesn't use a tube-well to defeat an army, it is quite believable. Eight people died, Sunny escaped with a few scratches.

Too much of Sunny Deol is obviously not too good for one's morale (leave alone the army, I don't stand much of a chance against a few army ants) and thus, I switched off. I probably went to sleep. When I woke up, Lucky (Salman Khan) was running across a snow field and the elfin wierdly dressed heroine was running behind him. It was as riveting as watching golf on TV, except that golfers have better dressing sense.

I had to change. Why not trust Aamir Khan and his trusty old movie - Sarfarosh? Who will ever forget the waterfall song, with Sonali Bendre coordinating her swathes of fabric with Aamir's shirts. The song was not particularly memorable, but the colour-coordinated lead pair was. By the way, what's with the Indian lead pairs? Why does the pair stand with her arms outstretched, her back to him, her head in the crevice of his shoulder or cleavage, both leaning back with eyes closed, at least once in every movie?

Then I went to sleep again. When I woke up, Hero was playing again and somebody was trying to shoot from a helicopter. Somebody died in the snow. Bizarre.

: Girl told me that while I was sleeping she also saw Hum Tum's rain song.


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