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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Fact 1: From her diary.
I met this creep today. He was puny and I could have smashed his balls in, if needed. Thankfully, it wasn't.

He deliberately slowed down his pace the moment I crossed the road to his side. I had to go to Vishvas's. It was a ten minute walk from IHC. The moment I crossed the road, he slowed down. It was really dark. Why do all men here do this?

Till then, all I had to contend with were cars. If you stayed within busy roads and kept frequent watch behind your back, you were okay. Today, this guy was in front of me. I had to keep watch on both sides. I could heave a sigh of relief when I reached Vishvas.

Fact 2: My account
Yesterday, I had to walk from the Alliance Francaise to the Ring Road (Oberoi's) before I got an auto-rickshaw. It was 9:30 pm.

While there was nobody really who threatened me, nor anyone who made any illicit noises or gestures, I went through several Why-is-this-car-coming-so-close moments. The ones that make you screw in your shoulders, clench your fist and step up your pace. Like a cat which raises its tail.

That is when I saw this woman cross the road right in front of IHC. She was alone. She was blonde and about 30 years old. Prime target if there was one. She joined in, three-four steps behind me. Somehow, my breath slowed down. Next time the car came up from behind, I actually slowed down my pace.

I knew that now I was not in as grave a danger anymore. Instead, I could potentially become a hero, by saving her*. We walked for five minutes. Maintaining the same distance. Soon, she took a right turn into one of the houses.

I stepped up my pace again.

*I feel quite stupid now. She could have defended herself as well as I could have.


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