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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"I just wanted to be first"

Knowledge quizzers will ask about the claim to fame of Jamea Jackson in the next few years. Good quizzers will ask, "Jamea Jackson watched her groundstroke land close to the sideline, and when it was called out, she sensed a chance to make a little history. What happened next?"

What happened was the start on instant replay in professional tennis at Key Biscayne. The start was interesting as the Jamea appealed, even though she knew that the call was right. For the chance to make history.

The match went on smoothly even though four appeals were made.

Obviously, there are detractors: "It sounds like a good idea, getting every line call correct. But think about it: Most incorrect calls even out in a match; the pros will tell you that. Meanwhile, turning contested line calls over to a supposedly infallible eye in the sky penalizes the stronger-willed player who can absorb a bad break and remain composed and resolute. Maybe this is why Roger Federer, the cool Swiss, is opposed to using the technology." from here. But I am all for it. If we can use technology and it doesn't slow down the game (how can it if there are already so many breaks in play and all you are doing is preventing a longish argument and grumbling?), let's go ahead. Damn the Luddites.

Now, if only they will do the same in football. This experiment is an interesting first step, though it won't be present in the World Cup. Go here for an informed view on the debate. Come back if you want to debate this further.


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