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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cape of Good Hope

Came back from Cape Town on Tuesday. I had gone for one and a half days for a 3-day conference. Work called me back faster than you can say Robben Island. Hence, I missed a trip to the flea market and a sundowner party at the top of Table Mountain.

Still, Cape Town was amazing.

Mountains end into a blue, blue sea. Even the asphalt, skirting the waves, looks colourful. The temperate vegetation has its own sinewy attractiveness.

But the best thing that happened to me wasn't the beauty of the place. It was choc-chilli fillet. At Madame Zingara. Beef fillet with dark chocolate sauce. All of us ordered this for the main course (passing over lamb shanks, balsamic chicken, fish). None of us regreted it.

The other memory that will stay with me is of Table Top. With 0 visibility. More about that later.


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