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Monday, January 02, 2006

Measure for Measure and two others.

The three biggest past-times in office the last few weeks have been Pong, Bloody Pingu and Ego-surfing (obviously after Uno). Past-times in office??, one may ask. It's hard but 30 minutes in a day isn't hard to find at times.

Pong is a Mozilla Firefox addon which Mowgli and I have got very good at. Pong is also known as the first video game known to man. Check out the tribute site! And definitely download Pong.

Bloody pingu on the other hand is this strange obsession started by SK. Pingu is a amusing enough game with more emphasis on skill rather than luck. However, Bloody Pingu, besides being gross, is purely a game of chance linked to trampoline-mines. I don't agree with it. Though, I have a high-enough score (1740+)!

As far as egosurfing is concerned, while other's names come up pretty normally (though one of us can be found on the net, asking for sh***b, k***b and sh***b in his IIML days), the best entry that we have found is Aniket being a unit of measure.

Apparently, in a language spoken on a Hawaii island, "Mats may be measured in finger spans or by using various distances along the arm." 1 Aga = 8 Anikets. Today, Sun has also found other references to Aneket. Apparently, Aneket's also a drug.


Anonymous Mowgli said...

Grateful u didn't mention the nature of the drug 'Aneket'.

Sunday, January 08, 2006 11:14:00 PM


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