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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Homage to Tamil culture

... by Rediff.com

While most of the comments on Rediff's articles degenerate into spam or chaddiwalas indulging themselves (what's the difference?), this one is different and refreshing. It's a piece on Rajni's villainous deeds.

It has raised the bar for how entertaining online conversations can be. However, staying true to form, it has its share of abuses,
Rajini got offer from Hollywood

The Ape acted in king kong recently died ...
I think they given the offer to Rajini. 80 Crores. Thanks god . No makeup needed
It has got comments which have no relation to the article.
Rajnikanth is the worlds best actor. Then comes Partibn

1. Hritik doesn't know Tamil, where Partiban knows wary well. Hrithik nows only foreign languages like spanish,English,Urdu and Hindi.
2. Partiban is the second highest paid actor after Rajnikanth.
3. Partban's enumeration for acting is double that of Hrithik's.
4. Part iban has good physic than Hrithik.
12.Partiban has Hollywood girl friends like Sara Lee,Anna smith, Angelina, Pamela, JLo, Carthy Larmoth etc. whereas Hritik has only Bollywood girl friends like Amisha, Katrina etc.
13.Partiban is humble and helps the poor and needy where Hrithik is shellfish and only concerned of his family.
14.Partiban had 8 super mega hits in 2006 whereas Hrithik has only 3 hits.
15.Partiban has good butt, so that jeans are a perfect fit for him, where Hritik is lean like a stick and doesn't look good with jeans.
26.Partiban has MTech as educational qualification, where Hrthick is only a BCOM arts.
27.Partiban has software knowledge(c,C ,Java and oracle) where Harthick only knows VB6.
It also has it's share of righteous indignation.
Kannada Heros
Someone from Bangalore OVERSTATED that Kannada heros are handsome and real heros. By what standards this man thinks these fellows are handsome. All of Rajkumar's sons look like beggers outside the temple. For that matter even Rajkumar is not handsome. Ravichandran, looks like a bald monkey. There are only three good looking people here in Kannada films (one of them permanently left Kannada films). They are Vishnuvardhan (age is catching up with him now, Ambarish (a very good looking man for a villian character) and Prakash Rai(Raj in Tamil and Telugu industry).
If you are wondering, there are also many comments where righteousness and indignation combine to score an own-goal. Replying to a comment which insisted that Tamil people are black, short and ugly and therefore they borrow actors like Madhavan from Kerala...
excuse me for ur info maddy is a tamilian, sakshath aiyangar veetu azhagan. Tamilians may or may not be good looking, but they are brainy, talented. Americans like only tamilians cos of their quick wittedness.
If you insist. Incidentally, there's nothing wrong in being black, short and ugly. Dhoomketu is not far away from that description either.
And finally, a comment on the Rajni known to millions.
Hi its me Thambaram Rajnipuram Mutthukumaran Ajithsekhlam Vijaydekhlam Kaalupuran Bhangipuran Illaiyyam Sekhar
Rajni is is the best, nothing can beat that serial which they aired on DD Channel Rajni wud always be best and Priya Tendullar wud always be remembered too
Please do go read now. Chaddiwalas have started arriving and a major North-South debate (including violent debate comparing the flatulence caused by masur ki daal and roti compared to idli sambhar) is threatening to spoil the fun.


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LMAO big, big time!!

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