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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sporting News

Even though last few weeks have been depressing, to say the least, I must post about sports. First, Miami then Dallas got knocked out in the first round of NBA playoffs. Second, Yankees haven't been convincing and are pinning their hopes on an middle aged pitcher. Third, Netherlands flattered to deceive once more in European football, this time in Under-17. Fourth, Jeev Milkha Singh's on a slump. Fifth (let me stop counting now), Mr. Kennedy and Undertaker are out for a few weeks and a few months, respectively. Federer is in as bad a slump as any, mostly caused by boredom. He would be best adviced to get Glenn McGrath as coach now that he's split with Roche (in any case, his tennis needs no help) and Glenn's available. Barcelona slumped to a 4-0 loss to Getafe of all teams. Why can't these unfashionable teams realise that this isn't FA Cup and their is little romance in watching inspired second-best players huffing through a Cup final. Remember Porto vs. Monaco in 2004?

Why, even Mohun Bagan, apart from occasionally defeating East Bengal, have been losing to all and sundry. They only play well if Sepp Blatter's watching. Don't even get me started about the World Cup. However, there have been two pieces of news which have brought me joy.

One bright spark amongst all this misery has been Italy and I am not even talking about the thrashing the best club from the best league in the world got in the recent past from a team of Italian has-beens. Next season promises to be promising. Juventus have all but made sure of qualifying and would probably be the hungriest team out there. AC Milan would surely revamp a part of their squad after giving deserved farewells to half of the squad, which contemplates or approaches retirement. Now, it's time to win the treble or something like that, I say. Inter would also be keen to show that it can win in a proper season as well.

Also, I am quite excited by the news that Rock-Paper-Scissor is a thriving sport. Further searches on the net have revealed that all martial arts are a derivative of this sport. However, calling Rock-Paper-Scissor a sport is not right after all. Instead, we should refer to it by its rightful description, 'world's most popular method decision making process'. And like any good decision making process, it has got rules. It's a whole parallel universe out there. To practice, go here. And to imbibe their history, go here. Fun, at least it is.

Talking about the match in Athens, my hope is it'll end up AC Milan 4, Liverpool 0.


Blogger Sunil B said...

kau... that will be the first half score.. :)

Monday, May 21, 2007 8:34:00 AM


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