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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ever been put 'in the hold' by an airline?

One of the things which frequent flyers like me have to endure is the painful feeling of being put on hold, when trying to check-in, check flight timings or conduct any other regular activity on the phone. In this respect, almost all airlines are bad (except for the lovely lady Kingfisher, which is always prompt). This is regular matter, unless you call them at an unearthly hour, in which case they would not even pick the phone.

They airlines will make you listen to music or their background conversation (or both), till you get bored to death and keep the phone down. On the other hand, if you actually die, you'll be be put in the hold.

Incidentally, in case you don't want to be put in the hold by an airline, please follow the following rules:
  1. Don't climb onto a plane right after your scuba lessons
  2. No oral contraceptives, though, if you must indulge in them, take an Aspirin before the flight
  3. No smoking before a long haul flight, which incidentally is a good rule to follow even if you are not flying
This and much more in this wonderfully instructive TOI article.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems one can't do anything these days without running the risk of dying! Just this morning we were talking about how its dangerous to take calls on your cellphone in a petrol station, etc.. Hmmm..

Thursday, January 04, 2007 8:34:00 PM


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