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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Odes to quizzing

First, Amit writes about the joys of quizzing but you must have already read that.

Then, I chance upon the one post which I really do want you to read, in case you are interested in what quizzing does to you. We are talking about nerd central, by Anand. We know the feeling:
...Then, in conversation, you will rip Page 3 apart. You will have Take That for lunch, but comment on how Gary Barlow got a raw deal and should have held on to the band. In a non-leopard zoo, you will be the only one who will have any opinion about Gary Barlow. When someone else comments that he was cute, you will steer the conversation to manufactured bands and art and comment upon either Kavya Vishvanathan (current affairs) and Milli Vanilli (who?). Occasionally, when someone will recognise things like Milli Vanilli, you will comment sagely that after all Andrew Loog Oldham made the Rolling Stones and thus they were a Boy Band too...


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