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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I want to publish...

...a photo-post. But I am unable too. Blogger's acting up* since morning. So, I wait.

By the way, a few founder members of the Bombay Quiz Club met at Crossword today to give an interview to the Press (one newspaper actually). It will appear next week.

After reading this, please don't make fun of us, since we already did that, posing for photographs on the Kemps Corner flyover. All five of us were made to stand in a line, put one hand on the other's shoulder and smile. Some of us were told that we weren't smiling enough and made to bare our canines.

It was not what we expected. I had gone in for the interview and photo-shoot, thinking that we will pose with books in our hands, looking like bohemians in a Paris Cafe. Instead we looked like contestants for the Gladrags Manhunt (without the face or the bodies). We have been talking about quizzers being geeky hunks and all that for some time now, however, I don't think we cut it.

* I also notice the New York Times instead of Blogger in the sidebar. I find it funny.
Update: I have managed to post the photo-post after all.


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