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Thursday, April 13, 2006

God's own park

Normally, I am not the one to link to Mumbai mirror, Mahinder Watsa notwithstanding, but here I think they do deserve a look. I couldn't find this story in Mid-Day or any other Bombay newspaper. A piece of land is being taken away bit by bit. Right in front of my and Ganesh's nose.

First traffic was restricted in front of the temple (U-turns stopped, No incoming traffic from Dadar is allowed), thus causing everyone (including the Fire Brigade day before yesterday) inordinate difficulty and delay in moving from one side of the road to other, without really solving any traffic problems (I can take a right turn, and stop all traffic flow, but not take a U-turn).

Now, they want to encroach upon the only piece of green that we have around here. Soon, the entire park will disappear.

Update: The link has disappeared, though you can still see it here as one of the links in google cache. You can also reach the link by going to the cache of the April 11th issue. And, screenshot will be put up as soon as Blogger stops acting funny, or not (activism has been taken too far already!)


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