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Monday, April 10, 2006

Dare to link beyond IIMs??

Go through the latest IIPM website. Must read insights include:
"...The current bird flu crisis that has resulted in the culling of millions of chickens across the world has been examined with great interest at IIPM. As we all know, chickens are the favorite bird of Arindam Chaudhuri as he never tires in counting them before they hatch. He has also been instrumental in creating thousands of IIPM chickens through the IIPM system, who roam the world at large in a fruitless search for jobs before they find themselves culled by the IIPM system to decorate the exotic spread on the dining table of Ponytail himself..."

"...we will explore the role and relevance of contact hours within the IIPM system. As you may have observed in the latest issue of the most widely circulated article in management history (the IIPM advertisement in all national dailies) written by the eminent Malay Chaudhuri, the IIPM program has as many as 1944 contact hours compared to just 1500 contact hours in the IIMs (and even lower contact hours in ISB). The higher number of contact hours at IIPM provides for more healthy and frequent contact between IIPM students and IIPM faculty (most of whom were IIPM students just a few contact hours ago), thus strengthing the alumni network of IIPM. Infact all alumni activities are counted as contact hours in IIPM since alumni = faculty and faculty=alumni in the IIPM system. IIPM believes in close and frequent contact between IIPM faculty and IIPM students..."

Can't add anything to this, really.


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