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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Night Shift

One of the things I missed out in college and got in B-school were the winter nights on campus.

Actually I missed out on summer nights as well, but I don't think the frequent power cuts which Delhi was subjected to would have been really welcome. At least I had a inverter at home.

Winter on the other hand would have been surreal. The old architecture, revealing itself at places where the floodlights were left on. Chiaroscuro made by the red bricks. Street lamps which are singularly ineffective for the purpose of illuminating the streets, but look wonderful nevertheless. The hostel lights dimmed by haze rising up from the dewy grass. The occasional bonfires (maybe rubbish burned away by a karamchari) casting their own spell.

I missed all that (from here). My B-school winter nights were different. Not much haze, not much of dewy grass. However, the striking architecture did try and create a few light and shadow patterns of its own. Plus, I remember sitting in a quite alcove outside the mess and observing the crowd create drama in the light streaming out of the wide mess door. Wish I could wake up far more often for dinner. Then, there were the walks through the campus. Wish the all too effective floodlights would be taken away and would be replaced by a few streetlights instead.

Inspite of such shortcomings though, I loved the winter nights. Wonder how I would have felt in college.


Anonymous saikat said...

the best part of my winter nights in mah b-skool were the volleyball matches at midnite...generally scheduled to start after dinner...it usually stretched by the Indian Strechable Time to near midnight and then the first few instances of the hard ball hitting the bare hands on those chilly dilli nites...Bah!! those were the days..play volleyball till 2-3 am and then gather near the fire near pandey ji ki dukaan and sip hot hot tea....dilli di sardi ..miss it..

Monday, August 14, 2006 6:43:00 AM

Blogger maverick said...

abe saale, OAT mein movies bhool gaya...there was enough dew in the grass to get ure pants damp :)

Oh btw my brewery trip didnt work out - i'll go for sure. i'll see if there's something nice i can get for u and D.

Monday, August 14, 2006 1:04:00 PM

Blogger Mr. D said...

awwwww dhoom..
and yay maverick.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 9:56:00 AM

Blogger dhoomketu said...

Saikat, Midnight volleyball in Delhi winters. I can't imagine it.

Maverick, i'm sure there will be something nice. Plus, remember the movies on the network and how the OAT movies got cancelled after that.

OK Mr. D

Thursday, August 17, 2006 6:39:00 AM

Anonymous saikat said...

@ Dhoomketu: next time u visit del...go to IMI on nee nite... its 365 midnights of volleyball year after year there :D

Friday, August 18, 2006 12:14:00 AM


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