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Monday, August 14, 2006

In which Deepak Chopra talks to Britney Spears

A confused, bitter, hungover Britney Spears eats chicken and meets Deepak Chopra for hope.

BS: "I'm ugly."
DC: "Naaooohhh"
BS: "My jaw hurts."
DC: "That doesn't mean you are ugly."

BS: "I'm confused for I feel like I'm missing out."
DC: "Missing out on what?"
BS: "On Life"
DC: "Like what part of life?"
BS: "Life, like t(h)ings and t(h)ings... Like I am falling behind or something"
DC: "It's all the partying."
BS: "HUH?"
DC: "It's all the partying."

BS (on time travel): "I think some people can do that. I think some people are ahead of us."
DC: "Maybe, but they'll never tell the world. They're not gonna tell nobody shit. Could you imagine? How many people would try to go back and change the shit?"


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