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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Geek Goddess

Yes, not Greek Goddess.

In B-schools, men from IIT or Infosys were stunned by the number of women around. Other less gifted souls (from second-rate institutes like Delhi University) however, complained about the unhealthy sex-ratio (which ranges from 8% women in certain years to an astounding 20% in a freak year). I was one of those less gifted souls.

Now, I figured out what we needed to do. Get our batchmates to pose as Ursula Andress. Or Dimple Kapadia. Not being able to see women, around them, dressed as Mallika Sherawat in Murder or Urmila in Rangeela is exactly why women don't join B-schools. All we need to do get more women to dress in a way which appeals to stereotypes in a man's brain. Why didn't some smart MBA think of this?

Anyway, now we can at least learn for Women in Australian Tech companies. They are posing in a calendar in various screen-goddesses poses.

They say that they’re doing this to:
  • Smash through the perception of the geeky technologist
  • Generate media sensation to put a spotlight in the industry and increase national interest and awareness
  • Raise awareness of the diversity of Women in IT...
If it's on 22nd floor, clearly their strategy's working.

Image from ITGoddess.info.


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