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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Everytime I think I will start...

... being kind to Engineers (!), I come up with things like the following 'joke'. I got this as a forward from someone who thought this was cool. I can't believe some people actually think in these terms, leave alone write about them.

Indian Gods Roles/Responsibilites (excerpts)
Brahma - Systems Installation
Vishnu - Systems Administration & Support
Shiva - DBA (Crash Specialist)
Narada - Data transfer
Apsaras - Downloadable Viruses
Devas - Mainframe Programmers
Surya - Solaris Administrator
Ravan - Internet Explorer WWW
Kumbhakarnan - Zombie Process
Hanuman - Linux
Vaali -M$ Windows
Sugreeva - DOS
Jatayu - Firewall
SDLC ( Sudarshan Wheel Development Life Cycle ) - Dharmaraj Yudhishthira
Microsoft product Written in VB - Karna
Contract programmer - Dhrutarashtra
Visual C++ - Gandhari
100 Kauravas - Microsoft Service Packs and patches

They are human, after all. Humans who leave me speechless sometimes.

Update: When I showed this post to a team-mate of mine (He, who hails from IIT), his first comment was that this is wrong -

Narada is not data transfer, but more like a Trojan. Yes, yes, we nod in unison.


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