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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sad Tidings

From here.
"I have received some very unpleasant emails, how would your Prophet have reacted to some of the violent, threatening and aggressive emails that I have received" says Peter Schipperheyn, sculptor of the sculpture 'formerly known as Thus Spake Zararthustra' on his web-site.

For a Parsi's point of view on the issue, go here. For a typical right-wing fanatic's response, go here.

The sculptor says here,

"In conclusion I apologize for the upset that I have inadvertantly caused, however I am concerned that my intentions are being misconstrued and misread, this greatly concerns me. I have not worked so hard for so many years to simply upset people. I feel that I have a responsibility to the world and the beauty of creation to do good, to inspire, to live a purposeful life.

The Gallery [who are not resposible for the naming or otherwise of my sculpture] where this sculpture will be installed has asked me to erase the name, I have agreed to this but I am saddened that this must be done. In my eyes the sculpture remains, but “he” will be stripped of something powerful that I think empowers the viewer, especially the western viewer. I have been so wound up in my own thoughts and excitement about the significance of what I am trying to do that I did not countenance that my artwork would stir up the opposite of what I hoped for."

Sounds familiar.


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